Site Features

Welcome teachers. This is a website designed by a geometry teacher for geometry teachers. I hope the e-zteam accomplishes the goal of making this the best geometry website for high school teachers on the web. We are trying to design a website that is truly functional for the classroom.

We have so many things in development right now - I won’t be able to mention them all but I’ll try. I might repeat a few of the items mentioned in the student tour but I will speak to them from a teacher standpoint but I suggest you look at the student tour as well.

The Library of Resources for Your Students


We are developing videos that could be shown in your class or just simply viewed by students to aid them in understanding difficult topics. We have about 30 videos currently.

Lesson Notes (The Lesson Viewer)

We are creating a lesson viewer that will allow students to study our summary of their textbook. We are placing 5 or 6 of the current geometry textbooks online so that your students can benefit from a different or additional view of their textbook. The lesson viewer will allow students to read, search and print the lesson summaries.

Geometry Glossary

The glossary is such a powerful tool. Students can look up terms and see definitions and active diagrams that demonstrate the concept. They can use this when trying to understand problems with terms that just aren’t as clear as they should be.

Classroom Environment

PoW (Problem of the Week)

Each week we post challenging math problems that deal with geometry. These problems will focus on the concepts taught at that approximate time of your so their learning can be applied in a problem solving setting.

The Project Center

We are creating a project center of 40 different geometric topics. The project center will provide students a starting point for their project. The center will provide links, research lead questions, images, terminology definitons and other helpful hints on how to go after the topic.

The Calendar

The calendar allows you to post the assignments, quizzes, tests, projects and other items in a way that students can access them and be constantly aware of the events of the classroom. This is a great way to help students (and parents) constantly update on the events of the classroom.


As a teacher you will be able to send out announcements to your classes. Reminders about key events in the classroom, or tips for this week’s PoW… you will be able to inform your students of any changes immediately.