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Welcome to We hope that you find what you are looking for here. We have tried to design this site with you in mind and to try and give you as many helpful resources as we can so that you can succeed in geometry this year. In this little tour we would like to just tell you about some of the things that we have here on the site for you…


We currently have about 30 different videos on many different topics and have more in the making. We have a number of step by step videos on many of the compass constructions that you have to do in your class. We hope that these videos are helpful to you. They do take a bit of time to load so be patient!!

Lesson Notes (The Lesson Viewer)

What student doesn’t need another example or just a little more explaining than what they received in their classroom. The lesson notes in e-zgeometry are designed to give you another look, a few more examples and hopefully a clearer understanding of the material. These notes can be printed off and used in your geometry class to supplement what the teacher offers you. We hope to have the notes for geometry textbooks Glencoe, McDougal Littel, and Prentice Hall.

Geometry Glossary

We know that there are many terms and definitions in geometry and so to help you with this we have provided you with a glossary that is full of definitions and diagrams that will help you understand the material better. The glossary can be viewed alphabetically or be used through a search function. However you choose to use it—it will be a very helpful resource.

PoW (Problem of the Week)

Each week we post challenging math problems that deal with geometry. It is your goal to solve the difficult problem within the week and then submit the answer. These problems will push your imagination and test your mathematical ability. We have hundreds of students try these problems each week.

Classroom Information

If you are using the site with your entire class, your teacher can send you announcements, post assignments, give you online quizzes, grade your solutions to the PoW, respond to your questions, and much much more…

Interactive Games and Puzzles

What website is complete with out a little bit of fun. We have designed a number of mathematical games to keep you busy while challenging your brain. You will get hooked on Knock Out, Lafua Hayawani, Tria Ekato, Mastermind, or Magic Squares and forget all about time. Some of our games have high scores and other competitions - Good Luck and have fun.

Ask Plato

Need help with homework? Want clarification on a math-related subject? Go to the ask section to submit a question and get student answers! You can also answer and learn from other students’ questions.

More in Development

Interactive applets, web links to many help resources, geometry project materials, geometer’s sketchpad files and materials, more weekly contests and problems, an interactive help forum where can ask for help, and much much more…