The Problem of the Week (PoW).

What: The PoW is a weekly geometry math problem.

Why: The PoW provides students the opportunity to use their geometry concepts and skills in a problem solving setting.

How: Each week students log into their accounts and attempt the PoW. They can do this ANY time during the week as long as it is from Monday morning to Sunday night. All results from that week are directly submitted to their teachers for grading.

Design and Difficultly of Problems: The e-zteam tries its best to place questions that require certain geometric concepts at the time of the year that most textbooks introduce them. Your class level (Intuitive, Regular or Honors) will also determine the difficultly level of the problem.

Use: The use of the PoW depends on the teacher. Some teachers use the PoW as a weekly homework grade while other use it as a bonus assignment. Each teacher will dictate how this resource will be used in the classroom.

Customize: We are currently in the design process so that teachers can choose the PoW questions that they want and in what order they want them. This will allow teachers to fit the challenge problem directly to the classroom experience and learning.