Teacher Join:

To join as a teacher you need to click on Sign Up, and then click on Teacher. You will be guided to a standard form of information that you need to fill in. When you have completed the form and submitted it - an email will be sent to us. (One of the key pieces of information in the form is a SCHOOL EMAIL (not gmail, not hotmail, not yahoo... etc). This allows us to contact you and know that indeed you are a teacher and not a student posing as one.) We will send a response email to your school email account to verify your status as a teacher and then you will be given your password code to login.

Student Join:

Once a teacher has joined and formed your class, then they are given a class code. Your teacher will give you that class code at school so that you can sign in with it. Once you have your code you need to click on Sign Up, and then Student.

Guest Join:

Anyone can join the site and participate in a limited view of all that the site has to offer. This type of an account while limited does still give you a nice view of what the site can do. A guest account is welcomed to any teacher, student or parent wondering what this site is all about. To create a guest account, you create a student account but for the password you enter 'guest'.