E-Z Geometry

Students, Teachers, and Parents, we hope you find what you are looking for at e-zgeometry.com. This site has been designed to help ALL geometry students have success in Geometry. The site provides printable lesson notes, video explanations, helpful links, practice quizzes, a weekly math challenge problem (PoW), interactive puzzles, games, and lots more...explore.

This site was/is developed, designed and maintained by a group of very talented high school students and their teacher, at Advanced Technologies Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each year a new e-zteam is formed and the work of building the best geometry site on the web continues!!

If you are a visitor to the site and would look around - you can create a guest user account by 'Signing In' as a student with the class code of guest. This will allow you to use and see SOME of what e-zgeometry.com has to offer you — but if you want to use all of its resources you need your teacher to sign up.

For teachers to join, follow the instructions on the sign up area. For a students to officially join you need a class code from your teacher which they receive when they form a class. Joining will provide you access to all of what e-zgeometry has to offer.... for free!!!